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Annual 2019-20 Class Schedule

**All listings tentative until courses go live for registration in Caesar**
Course #Course TitleFallWinterSpring
SOCIOL 101-6First Year Seminar: Animals and SocietyWendy Griswold
SOCIOL 101-6First Year Seminar: Teens, Tweens and AdolescentsKarrie Snyder
SOCIOL 101-6Birthright Citizenship: Race, Law, and Belonging in the United StatesAlbert Hunter
SOCIOL 101-6Chicago Landscapes: Place, Space and the Creation of CommunityWendy Espeland
SOCIOL 110-0Introduction to SociologyDavid SchieberDavid SchieberDavid Schieber
SOCIOL 201-0Social Inequality: Race, Class, and PowerBeth Redbird
SOCIOL 202-0Social ProblemsMargarita RayzbergMargarita Rayzberg
SOCIOL 206-0Law and SocietyLaura Beth NielsenMeghan Dawe
SOCIOL 208-0Race and SocietyQuincy Stewart Quincy Stewart
SOCIOL 212-0Environment and SocietySusan Thistle
SOCIOL 215-0Economy and SocietyBruce Carruthers
SOCIOL 216-0Gender and SocietyJulia Behrman
SOCIOL 226-0Sociological AnalysisKarrie SnyderKarrie Snyder
SOCIOL 227-0Legal Studies Research MethodsBob Nelson
SOCIOL 232-0Sexuality and SocietyTony Silva
SOCIOL 276-0Introductory Topics in Sociology: Neighborhoods and CrimeAndrew Papachristos
SOCIOL 288-0Institutions and SocietyJean Clipperton
SOCIOL 301-0The City: Urbanization and UrbanismAlbert Hunter
SOCIOL 302-0Sociology of OrganizationsDavid SchieberDavid SchieberDavid Schieber
SOCIOL 303-0Analysis and Interpretation of Social DataJean Clipperton
SOCIOL 304-0Politics of Racial KnowledgeMichael Rodríguez-Muñiz
SOCIOL 306-0Sociological TheoryWendy EspelandOnur Özgöde
SOCIOL 307-0School and SocietyKarrie SnyderKarrie Snyder
SOCIOL 310-0Sociology of the FamilyKarrie Snyder
SOCIOL 316-0Economic SociologyOnur Özgöde
SOCIOL 317-0Global DevelopmentJames Mahoney
SOCIOL 318-0Sociology of LawRobert Nelson
SOCIOL 319-0Sociology of ScienceMadeleine Pape
SOCIOL 321-0Numbers, Identity, and ModernityWendy Espeland
SOCIOL 322-0Sociology of ImmigrationHéctor Carrillo
SOCIOL 323-0American Subcultures and Ethnic GroupsAlbert Hunter
SOCIOL 324-0Global CapitalismOnur Özgöde
SOCIOL 325-0Global and Local InequalitiesMargarita Rayzberg
SOCIOL 327-0Youth and SocietyKarrie Snyder
SOCIOL 329-0Field Research and Methods of Data CollectionMichael Rodríguez-Muñiz
SOCIOL 330-0Law, Markets and GlobalizationBruce Carruthers
SOCIOL 332-0Work and OccupationsAnn Orloff
SOCIOL 336-0Climate Change, Policy, and SocietySusan Thistle
SOCIOL 355-0Medical SociologyMadeleine Pape
SOCIOL 356-0Sociology of GenderAnn Orloff
SOCIOL 376-0GangsAlbert Hunter
SOCIOL 376-0Race/Gender/Sex & Science: Identities & DifferenceSteven Epstein
SOCIOL 376-0HeterosexualitiesHéctor Carrillo
SOCIOL 376-0MasculinitiesTony Silva
SOCIOL 379-0Understanding GenocideJeff Rice
SOCIOL 392-0Technology, Work, Love, & Life Instructor TBA Morgan Clark
SOCIOL 398-1Senior Research SeminarCharles Camic
SOCIOL 398-2Senior Research SeminarCharles Camic
SOCIOL 400-0Introduction to Statistics and Statistical SoftwareJean Clipperton
SOCIOL 401-1Statistical Analysis of Social Data: Applied Regression Methods IChristine Percheski
SOCIOL 401-2Statistical Analysis of Social Data: Applied Regression Methods IIJulia Behrman
SOCIOL 403-0Field MethodsGary Fine
SOCIOL 406-1Classical Theory in Sociological AnalysisCharles Camic
SOCIOL 406-3Contemporary Theory in Sociological Analysis: ModernityWendy Espeland
SOCIOL 420-0Cultural SociologyWendy Griswold
SOCIOL 437-0Economic SociologyBruce Carruthers
SOCIOL 476-0Political Sociology of the State Ann Orloff
SOCIOL 476-0Sociology of SexualityHéctor Carrillo
SOCIOL 476-0Teaching PracticumSusan Thistle
SOCIOL 476-0Theorizing Black Genders and SexualitiesCeleste Watkins-Hayes
SOCIOL 476-0Third Year Paper SeminarChristopher Robertson
SOCIOL 476-0MicrosociologyGary Fine
SOCIOL 476-0Methods for Cultural AnalysisWendy Griswold
SOCIOL 476-0NetworksAndrew Papachristos
SOCIOL 476-0Set-Theoretic MethodsJim Mahoney
SOCIOL 476-0Publishing and Writing Charles Camic
SOCIOL 476-0Business and Society Anthony Chen
SOCIOL 476-0Case Study and Small N MethodsJim Mahoney
SOCIOL 476-0Demographic MethodsQuincy Stewart
SOCIOL 476-0Health, Illness, and BiomedicineSteven Epstein
SOCIOL 476-0Race and TheoryMichael Rodríguez-Muñiz
SOCIOL 476-0Research DesignJulia Behrman
SOCIOL 480-0Introduction to the DisciplineJane PrymaJane Pryma
SOCIOL 490-0Research: Second-Year PaperMelike ArslanMelike Arslan
SOCIOL 570-0Seminar on College TeachingLaura Acosta-Gonzalez
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