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Winter 2020 Class Schedule

SOCIOL 101-6TBAAlbert HunterTTH   11:00-12:20
SOCIOL 101-6Chicago Landscapes: Place, Space and the Creation of CommunityWendy EspelandTTH   11:00-12:20
SOCIOL 110-0Introduction to SociologyDavid SchieberMW  12:30-1:50
SOCIOL 202-0Social ProblemsMargarita RayzbergMW  3:30-4:50
SOCIOL 206-0Law and SocietyMeghan DaweMW  9:30-10:50
SOCIOL 232-0Sexuality and SocietyTony SilvaMW  2:00-3:20
SOCIOL 276-0Introductory Topics in Sociology: Neighborhoods and CrimeAndrew Papachristos MW  9:30-10:50
SOCIOL 288-0Institutions and SocietyJean ClippertonMW  11:00-12:20
SOCIOL 302-0Sociology of OrganizationsDavid SchieberMW  9:30-10:50
SOCIOL 306-0Sociological TheoryOnur Özgöde MW  11:00-12:20
SOCIOL 307-0School and SocietyKarrie SnyderMW  12:30-1:50
SOCIOL 310-0Sociology of the FamilyKarrie SnyderMW  3:30-4:50
SOCIOL 323-0American Subcultures and Ethnic GroupsAlbert HunterTTH  2:00-3:20
SOCIOL 330-0Law, Markets and GlobalizationBruce CarruthersTTH  3:30-4:50
SOCIOL 355-0Medical SociologyMadeleine Pape TTH  9:30-10:50
SOCIOL 392-0Technology, Work, Love, & LifeMW  3:30-4:50
SOCIOL 398-2Senior Research SeminarCharles Camic TH  2:00-4:50
SOCIOL 401-1Statistical Analysis of Social Data: Applied Regression Methods IChristine PercheskiMW  2:00-3:20
SOCIOL 406-3Contemporary Theory in Sociological Analysis: ModernityWendy EspelandW  10:00-12:50
SOCIOL 476-0Methods for Cultural AnalysisWendy GriswoldT  9:00-11:50
SOCIOL 476-0NetworksAndrew Papachristos TH  9:30-12:20
SOCIOL 476-0Set-Theoretic MethodsJim MahoneyM  9:00-11:50
SOCIOL 476-0Publishing and Writing Charles CamicT  2:00-4:50
SOCIOL 480-0Introduction to the DisciplineJane PrymaT  2:00-4:00
SOCIOL 490-0Research: Second-Year PaperMelike ArslanW  10:30-12:20
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