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Winter 2021 Class Schedule

SOCIOL 101-6Birthright Citizenship: Race, Law, and Belonging in the United StatesQuisumbing KingTTH  3:30-4:50
SOCIOL 110-0Introduction to SociologyDavid SchieberMW  12:30-1:50
SOCIOL 201-0Social Inequality: Race, Class, and PowerBeth RedbirdAsync 
SOCIOL 202-0Social ProblemsKarrie SnyderMW  11:00-12:20
SOCIOL 277-0Introduction to Native American and Indigenous StudiesBeth RedbirdAsync 
SOCIOL 301-0The City: Urbanization and UrbanismAl HunterTTH  2:00-3:20
SOCIOL 302-0Sociology of OrganizationsDavid SchieberMW  9:30-10:50
SOCIOL 306-0Sociological TheoryWendy EspelandTTH  9:30-10:50
SOCIOL 307-0School and SocietyKarrie SnyderMW  2:00-3:20
SOCIOL 330-0Law, Markets and GlobalizationBruce CarruthersTTH  3:30-4:50
SOCIOL 376-0Sexuality, Technoscience, and LawShelbyMW  9:30-10:50
SOCIOL 398-2Senior Research SeminarKatrina Quisumbing TTH  5:00-6:20 PM
SOCIOL 401-1Linear RegressionLincoln QuillianTTH  9:30-10:50
SOCIOL 406-3Contemporary Theory in Sociological AnalysisWendy EspelandW  11:00-2:00 PM
SOCIOL 408Sociology of LawRobert NelsonTTH   11:00-12:20
SOCIOL 420Cultural SociologyWendy GriswoldW  8:00-10:50
SOCIOL 476-0Topics in Sociological Analysis: Law & Global CapitalismBruce CarruthersM  8:30-11:00
SOCIOL 476-0Historical SociologyAnthony ChenM  7:00-9:50 PM
SOCIOL 476-0Neighborhoods and CrimeAndrew PapachristosMF   11:00-12:20
SOCIOL 480-0Introduction to the DisciplineAnna MichelsonF  8:30-10:30
SOCIOL 490-2Research: Second-Year PaperMallory FallinW  12:30-2:00
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