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Fall 2022 Class Schedule

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Please remember that courses and schedules are subject to change.

SOCIOL 101-6That Seventies Show: Politics and Society in the "Long 1970s" and the Origins of Our TimeAnthony ChenMW  9:30am-10:50am
SOCIOL 101-6Gender, Classification, and GlobalizationTara GonsalvesMW  2pm-3:20pm
SOCIOL 101-6Rebellion and its Enemies in China TodayStefan HenningMW  11am-12:20pm
SOCIOL 110-0Introduction to SociologyDavid SchieberMW  12:30pm-1:50pm
SOCIOL 201-0InequalityBeth RedbirdTTh  2pm-3:20pm
SOCIOL 206-0Law and SocietyNicolette BrunerTTh  9:30am-10:50am
SOCIOL 212-0Environment and SocietyRebecca EwertMW  3:30pm-4:50pm
SOCIOL 215-0Economy and SocietyBruce CarruthersTTh  11am-12:20pm
SOCIOL 216-0Gender and SocietyJulia BehrmanTTh  3:30pm-4:50pm
SOCIOL 226-0Sociological AnalysisKarrie SnyderMW  2pm-3:20pm
SOCIOL 276-0Israeli Society and Israeli SociologyOmri TubiMW  11am-12:20pm
SOCIOL 276-0MasculinitiesRebecca EwertMW  12:30pm-1:50pm
SOCIOL 277-0Native StudiesBeth RedbirdTTh  3:30pm-4:50pm
SOCIOL 302-0Sociology of OrganizationsDavid SchieberMW  9:30am-10:50am
SOCIOL 304-0Politics of Racial Knowledgekatrina quisumbing kingTTh  11am-12:20pm
SOCIOL 305-0Population DynamicsChristine PercheskiMW  2pm-3:20pm
SOCIOL 306-0Sociological TheoryWendy EspelandTTh  9:30am-10:50am
SOCIOL 307-0School and SocietyKarrie SnyderMW  12:30pm-1:50pm
SOCIOL 309-0Political SociologyAnn OrloffTTh  5pm-6:20pm
SOCIOL 321-0Numbers, Identity & ModernityWendy EspelandTTh  2pm-3:20pm
SOCIOL 324-0Global CapitalismMonica PrasadTTh  11am-12:20pm
SOCIOL 329-0Field Research and Methods of Data CollectionMary PattilloTh  9:30am-12:30pm
SOCIOL 332-0Gender, Work, and OccupationsAnn OrloffTTh  2pm-3:20pm
SOCIOL 376-0Race, Gender, Sex & ScienceSteven EpsteinTTh  3:30pm-4:50pm
SOCIOL 398-1Senior Research SeminarBruce CarruthersW  9am-11:50am
SOCIOL 400-0Introduction to Statistics and Statistical SoftwareQuincy StewartTTh  2pm-3:20pm
SOCIOL 406-1Classical Theory in Sociological AnalysisVilna Bashi-TreitlerW  2pm-4:50pm
SOCIOL 476-0Sociology of SexualityHector CarrilloW  9:30am-12:20pm
SOCIOL 476-0Case Study and Small N MethodsJames MahoneyF  9am-11:50am
SOCIOL 476-0State-BuildingMonica PrasadM  9am-11:50am
SOCIOL 480-0Introduction to the DisciplineQuincy StewartM  1:30pm-3:20pm
Fall QuarterWinter QuarterSpring QuarterSummer Quarter


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