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Spring 2023 Class Schedule

Fall QuarterWinter QuarterSpring QuarterSummer Quarter

Please remember that courses and schedules are subject to change.

SOCIOL 101-6Identity and IdentificationSteven EpsteinTTh  9:30-10:50am
SOCIOL 110-0Introduction to SociologyDavid SchieberMW  12:30-1:50pm
SOCIOL 208-0Race and SocietyQuincy StewartTTh  2:00-3:20pm
SOCIOL 211-0Food and Society: An IntroductionMiri EliyahuMW  3:30-4:50pm
SOCIOL 220-0Health, Biomedicine, Culture, and SocietySantiago MolinaMW  2:00-3:20pm
SOCIOL 227-0Legal Studies Research MethodsRobert NelsonTTh  11:00-12:20pm
SOCIOL 235-0Critical thought on Race and EthnicityVilna BashiTTh  9:30-10:50am
SOCIOL 276-0Sociology of DisasterRebecca EwertMW  12:30-1:50pm
SOCIOL 276-0Ukrainian Society in Peace & WarTymofii BrikTTh  11:00-12:20pm
SOCIOL 302-0Sociology of OrganizationsDavid SchieberMW  9:30-10:50am
SOCIOL 309-0Political SociologyOmri TubiMW  11:00-12:20pm
SOCIOL 314-0Sociology of ReligionTymofii BrikTTh  2-3:20pm
SOCIOL 316-0Economic SociologyMiri EliyahuTTh  3:30-4:50pm
SOCIOL 317-0Global DevelopmentJames MahoneyMW  9:30-10:50am
SOCIOL 376-0Gender, Health, and MedicineRebecca EwertMW  3:30-4:50pm
SOCIOL 401-2Categorical RegressionLincoln QuillianTTh  11:00-12:20pm Lab: F 1:00-1:50pm
SOCIOL 403-0Field MethodsHector CarrilloW  9:30-12:20pm
SOCIOL 410-0Race, Racism, and ResistanceQuincy StewartW  2:00-4:50pm
SOCIOL 476-0Health, Illness, and BiomedicineSteven EpsteinM  9:30-12:20pm
SOCIOL 519-0Responsible Conduct of Research TrainingHector CarrilloM  1:30-3:20pm
SOCIOL 570-0Seminar on College TeachingDavid SchieberF  9:30-11:50am
Fall QuarterWinter QuarterSpring QuarterSummer Quarter
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