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Culture and Society

Fall 2023
Winter 2024 
Spring 2024 

Thursdays, 3:30-5:00 PM 

Faculty Director: Claudio Benzecry
Student Coordinators: Ryan Fajardo and Miguel Chavez

The Culture and Society Workshop is an interdisciplinary workshop for advanced graduate students (2nd year and above) and faculty members whose research analyzes the connections between culture and society. Established by Wendy Griswold in 1997, it is currently led by Claudio E. Benzecry, with Ryan Fajardo and Miguel Chavez serving as student coordinators. 

We invite individuals with diverse interests to engage in vigorous conversation on the social scientific study of culture. Workshop members come from a range of disciplines, such as sociology, media studies, performance studies, and anthropology. Accordingly, workshop discussions incorporate several perspectives on culture. Recent work presented has included investigations into cultural production in the global film industry, the effects of social media on relationship maintenance, and the influence of race on urban housing development.

This workshop is collaborative and generative: Members are expected to present their current research and provide feedback to other members in kind. Outside of member presentations, the workshop invites special guest speakers and hosts salon sessions to discuss current issues in research.  New members are always welcome. For more information, you can contact the student coordinators.