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Undergraduate Sociology Advisers

Faculty advisers are available to speak with current and prospective majors/minors about course selection, major requirements, course substitutions, and all other advising matters. Faculty advisors can also be consulted for their knowledge of academic and professional opportunities. 

Office hours for our faculty advisors are listed below. Please make sure to note whether the office hours are online or in-person (or both), and please look to see whether you need to sign up for a time slot or if office hours are walk-in. 

Please e-mail Katie Shirilla with any questions, and please stay safe and healthy!


FACULTY ADVISERS Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.

Karrie Ann Snyder
No appointment needed. 



(ZOOM only)

Anthony Chen
**sign-up required - click here**

2-3:30pm 2-3:30pm

Rebecca Ewert
**email for appointment**

David Schieber

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