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Additional Funding Opportunities for Applicants

The department of Sociology and Northwestern offer several opportunities for admitted students to receive additional research funds.  For incoming students these include the cluster fellowships, quantitative fellowship, and data science fellowship.  These are separate fellowships and applicants may be considered for zero, one, two, or all three.  Applicants are encouraged to indicate interest in all fellowships that fit their interests and expected future work.

Quantitative Fellowship
An internal sociology department fellowship that supports incoming graduate students who want to undertake more advanced quantitative training by offering a $2,500 research allowance for quantitative training and research needs.
To be considered for this fellowship, applicants should submit a brief paragraph describing their skills and interest in undertaking more advanced quantitative training as a supplemental document.
Data Science Fellowship
Supports incoming graduate students dedicated to the exploration of fundamental and applied advancement in data science. Data Science Fellows will participate in a variety of activities, including lectures, symposia, and networking opportunities with domestic and international experts in data science. The Fellowship offer consists of a $10,000 stipend award above the program’s standard stipend, and a $2,500 research allowance.
To be considered for this fellowship, applicants should submit a paragraph describing how more advanced quantitative training fits into their future academic work as a supplemental document.
Interdisciplinary Cluster Initiative
Graduate students in Humanities and related fields are encouraged to participate in the Interdisciplinary Cluster Initiative, a program designed to help graduate students during their academic career at Northwestern by fostering connections with students and faculty in other programs with whom they might have natural intellectual affinities. The Mellon Cluster Fellows are offered a $2,500 research allowance.
To be considered for nomination to a cluster, applicants should select the cluster they wish to be considered for and submit a cluster statement as part of the online application. More information on cluster applications can be found at the link above, Back to top