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Problem Solving

Fall 2022 Schedule 
Winter 2023 Schedule
Spring 2023 Schedule (TBA)

Select Fridays: 3:00 pm-4:30 pm

Faculty Coordinator: Monica Prasad
Student Coordinators: Noor Anwar Ali and Devin Wiggs



This workshop uses sociological theories to solve real-world problems, and attempts to solve real-world problems as a way to advance sociological theories.  A strand of literature in the sociology of science suggests that many major advances in scientific theory have occurred as a result of researchers looking for breakthroughs in practical applications.  We think a similar relationship of tight integration between basic and applied research may hold for the social sciences.  This workshop is thus a space for students to try out ideas that are specifically aimed at solving social problems.  The focus is on presenting ideas for research before any actual research is done, as frank discussion of research goals and designs at the start of a project can be crucial.

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