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Applied Quantitative Methods


To be announced:

Winter 2023 Schedule 
Spring 2023 schedule

Select Mondays, 4:00 to 5:15 pm
Parkes Hall 222

Hybrid: In Person (Registration is required) & zoom

Coordinators: Lincoln Quillian
Student Coordinators: Brandon Honore and Elif Buyukakbas

The Applied Quantitative Methods Workshop is a joint effort by the Sociology and Political Science Departments aimed at promoting student engagement with quantitative methods. The workshop includes a mix of student presentations of work in progress and faculty didactic presentations on selected topic. Students at all skill levels are encouraged to attend.

Fall 2022 schedule

Date Speaker


Sino Esthappan and Emilio Lehoucq
“Perceptions about the Fairness of Pretrial Risk Assessment Tools: Evidence from a Survey Experiment”


Carson Phillips
“Digital Redlining: Exploring Geographic Variation in Exposure to Digital Tracking”


Christopher Bail, Professor of Sociology, Duke University
“New Platforms for studying Social Media and Human Behavior”


Lincoln Quillian and Elif Buyukakbas
"Meta-Analysis for Social Scientists: Why and How"

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