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Administrative Faculty and Staff

Administrative faculty


Laura Beth Nielsen, (847) 491-3718

Associate Chair

Lincoln Quillian, (847) 491-7488


Director of Graduate Studies

Héctor Carrillo, (847) 467-0516

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Anthony Chen, (847) 467-0515


Business Administrator

Ryan Sawicki, (847) 467-1328

Manages staff and maintains records, supervises budgets, assigns space and offices, compiles departmental information, and acts as the Operations/Building Manager.

Financial Assistant

Brian Rochon, (847) 491-3244

Coordinates the department's weekly Colloquium Series and publicizes the event to the greater campus audience. Coordinates faculty searches and updates the web page.

Undergraduate Program Assistant 

Katie Shirilla, (847) 491-5415

Department receptionist, supervises undergraduate registration, processes incoming/outgoing mail, and maintains class schedules and department forms.

Graduate Program Coordinator

Tom Winters,  (847) 491-2698

Compiles and maintains graduate student program applications and the academic records of those admitted.  Assists new cohorts, supervises graduate student registration, manages graduate student funding.

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