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Dissertations are listed by award year then alphabetically by last name.

Year Name Dissertation Title
2023 Acosta Gonzalez, Laura Social Origins of Perpetual Civil Wars
2023 Alston, Brandon Policing the Margins: Race, Surveillance, and Resistance
2023 Banks, Erica A Life of Reentry: Black Women, Reverberations of Incarceration, and the Life Course
2023 Brown, Karlia From Priest to Prisoner: Examining the Contribution of Pioneers in the Chicagoland Reentry Landscape from the 1950s to the 1970s
2023 Clark, Morgan “Skanks Need to Pay with Their Lives”: Online Harassment, Cyberstalking, and Violence against Women Online
2023 Coenders, Yannick Dispersal: How Western Cities Came to Oppose Nonwhite Residential Concentration post World War II
2023 Eliyahu, Miri Making Markets Moral: How Do Social Action Movements Change Markets, and How Do Markets Change Social Action Movements?
2023 Kuperberg, Jeremy Contested Destinations: Tourism and Memory in the Former Yugoslavia
2023 Lehoucq, Emilio Open-Source Capitalism and the Rise of Machine Learning
2023 Planson, Sonia Racialized Assimilationism and the Dilemmas of Cultural Transmission: Immigrant Families in Paris and Chicago
2023 Utama, Rahardhika Embedded Peasantry and Economic Transformation in the Asian Rubber Belt
2022 Escamilla Garcia, Angel Knowledge, Place, and Experience in the Migration Journey: How Central American Migrant Youth Negotiate Violence in Mexico
2022 Fallin, Mallory Diagnosing the Future: Translating Climate Change into Public Health
2022 Handsman, Emily The DEI Doctrine: How Suburban Schools Interpret Inequality
2022 Kenn, Kris Losing the War but Fighting the Battles: Interrogating the Feelings, Actions, and Beliefs of a Privacy Hungry Populace
2022 Kirk, Gabriela Can Electronic Monitoring Fix Mass Incarceration? Understanding the Role of Electronic Monitoring in Local Policy Reform Efforts
2022 Laperriere, Marie Defining Struggles: Treatment Programs and the Limits of Domestic Violence Policy
2022 Law, Tina Parsing the Language of Rebellion: Impacts of the 1960s Black-Led Urban Uprisings on American Public and Legal Discourse
2022 Li, Lantian Rentier Developmentalism: Institutional Contradiction, Uneven Health Reforms, and the Pharmaceutical Industry in China
2022 Lynne, Alyssa Transnationalizing Gender, Medicine, and Standardization: Gender-Affirming Healthcare in Thailand and the United States
2022 McKean, Anna From Covert Action to Overt Activism: The Evolution of Corporate Sociopolitical Involvement
2022 Michelson, Anna Redefining the Romance: Classification and Community in a Popular Fiction Genre
2022 Nanni, Antonio Essays on the Sociological Analysis of Segregation and Natural Language
2022 Oliver, Mariana Bladerunner 2022? An Empirical Assessment of Mass Surveillance from a National Survey of Police Departments
2022 Owen, Andrew The Social Consequences of the Fracking Boom: Family Formation, Crime, and Economic Structure in the Upper Great Plains
2021 Adams-Romena, Dominique Mapping Intimacies: Black Queer Women in Chicago’s Urban-Digital Sphere
2021 Albrecht, Kathryn Data Distortions and the Quantification of Fear
2021 Arslan, Melike Unruling Markets: How the Fight Against Monopolies Derailed Globally
2021 Cataldi, John Contentious Southern Symbols and Community Interaction: The Confederate Battle Flag as Sacred, Profane and Offensive
2021 Fang, Jun When China Meets Hollywood: Global Collaboration and State Intervention in a Creative Industry
2021 Ferrant, Coline Food in the Lives of Paris and Chicago Residents
2021 Lee, John Three Essays on Religious Identity and the Cultural Authority of Science
2021 Lovell, Erik Dependence as Independence, Instability as Immaturity: The Organizational Contradictions of LGBTQ+ Young Adult Homelessness
2021 Johnson, Kory Welfare in (and from) Crisis: Democracy, State Elites and a New Paradigm for Understanding Welfare State Development in the Americas
2021 Nguyen, Y Thien When State Propaganda Becomes Social Knowledge: Legacies of the Southern Republic
2021 Tolman, Arielle Prosecuting Prisoners: Criminalization of Incarcerated People in an Era of Psychiatric Deinstitutionalization
2021 Yung, Vincent From the History of Network Visualization, Indicators of Interdisciplinarity, to the Career of Metaphor: Formal and Computational Methods and the Illumination of Patterns Otherwise Unknowable
2020 Adediran, Atinuke Essays on Pro Bono Institutions, Organizations, and Professionals
2020 Basseches, Joshua Private Power in the U.S. States: Business Interests and the Design of State-Level Climate and Renewable Energy Policies
2020 Boutros, Magda The True Color of Police Violence: How Activists Expose Racialized Policing in Colorblind France
2020 Buchter, Lisa Reinventing diversity, Activists interfering with the managerialization of the law
2020 Burk, Derek The Bicycle as a Growth Machine: The Role of Business, Community, and the Environment in the Rise of Bicycle Friendly Policy
2020 Hexel, Ole Inter Vivos Transfers in Twenty European Countries (2004 - 2017)
2020 Pryma, Jane The Politics of Pain Relief: Managing Suffering in the United States and France
2019  Degenshein, Anya Speculative Justice: The Shifting Temporality of Crime in U.S. Counterterrorism Stings
2019 Friedman, Brittany Guerilla: Racial Coercion, White Supremacy, and the Rise of the Black Guerilla Family
2019 Guisti, Joseph Discipline and Empower: "Doing Something" about Addiction in Mexico City
2019 Meyer, Jessica (Not) Working to Sleep: Employment's Contribution to Gender and Socioeconomic Sleep Differences
2019 Rayzberg, Margarita Controlling the Field: Experimental Social Science and Politics of Evidence in International Development
2019 Sediqe, Iman War Side to West Side, Afghan Americans in Little Kabul: An Exploration of Refugee Integration and the Racialization of Islam
2019 Sommers, Zachary Bias and Perceptions in the Criminal Justice System: Three Empirical Approaches to Policing, Terrorism, and Plea Bargaining
2018 Balasubramanian, Savina Communicating Contraception: Social Science and the Politics of Population Control in Cold War India
2018 Bartram, Robin Picking Battles with Buildings:Governing Material Inequality in the City
2018 Becker, Kelly Examining the High School-to-College Transitions of Chicago Public School Students
2018 Carroll, Christopher Catholicism(s) on Chicago's Southside: Race, Ethnicity, and Religion Among Early-Generation Irish and Mexican Americans
2018 De Los Rios, Diego In This Country but Not of It: Immigration and Religion Among Colombian Evangelicals in the United States and Spain
2018 Goksel, Nisa Reconfiguring the Political: Kurdish Women's Resistance from the Local to the Transnational
2018 Johnson, Anthony Social Identity, Campus Culture, and Academic Peer Networks at an Elite University
2018 Kaiser, Joshua The Hidden Sentence: Understanding the Historical Rise of a Broader, Lesser Known Form of Penal Control in the United States
2018 Knudsen, Marcel Whats in a Wage: Minimum Wage Increases and Workplace Hierarchies in the Restaurant Industry
2018 Lee, Kangsan Spill(over) a Little Paint: Inter-Market Status Dynamics under the Marketization of Global Contemporary Art Markets
2018 Mastrangelo, Marisol Disconnected: Examining the Help-Seeking Behaviors of Mexican American First-Generation College Students
2018 McElhattan, David Three Essays on Criminal Background Screening in the United States
2018 Menon, Alka Looking Good: Race and Cosmetic Surgery in Transnational Perspective
2018 Morse, Jaimie Legal Mobilization in Medicine: Seeking Rights to Justice and Rights to Healthcare for Survivors of Sexual Violence Globally since the 1970s
2018 Nickow, Andre Development as Mobilization: Rural Land Rights in Bihar, India
2018 Pamphile, Vontrese Social Evaluations in Organizational Philanthropy
2018 Peterson, David The Verge of Science: Why Experimental Psychology Struggles to Make Progress
2018 Shiff, Talia Reconfiguring the Deserving Refugee: Moral Boundary Work and Decision-Making in US Asylum Policy
2018 Vogler, Stefan Ruling Sexuality: Law, Expertise, and the Making of Sexual Knowledge
2017 Adipa, Priscilla Engaging spaces, engaged audiences: The socio-spatial context of cultural experiences in art galleries and art museums
2017 Conwell, Jordan All Money is Not Created Equal: Racial Differences in Students' Educational Returns to Parental Income
2017 Forrat, Natalia The Infrastructure of Authoritarianism: State-Society Relationship, Public Sector Organizations and Regime Resilience in Putin's Russia
2017 Forstie, Clare Community Is Wherever These Friends Are: LGBTQ Friendships and Ambivalent Community in River City
2017 Galonnier, Juliette Choosing Faith and Facing Race: Converting to Islam in France and the United States
2017 Hanson, Anna Follow the Money: Risk, Transparency, and Financial Regulation in the Age of Terror
2017 Jao, Yu-Han Educational Standardization and Inequality of Educational Opportunity. A Comparative Study on East Asia
2017 Kovalsky, Elyse Foreclosed: Economic Decision-Making in Insecure Households
2017 Kozlowska, Iga Memory Entrepreneurs and the "Invisible Iron Curtain": Transnationalizing Historical Memories
2017 Loughran, Kevin Race and the Construction of City and Nature
2017 Mangione, Gemma Making Sense of Things: Access and the Therapeutic Turn in Museum Gardens and Galleries
2017 Matlhare, Sakhile "Africanness" as a Professional Trading Chip: Contemporary African Artists as Producers and Secondary Arbiters in the Gatekeeping Process
2017 Naguib, Rim Intelligentsia Class Formation and Ideologies in Peripheral Societies: Comparing Egypt and Iran, 1922-1952
2017 Owens, Kellie Too Much of a Good Thing: Risk Perception and Practice Variation in Contemporary American Childbirth
2017 Rodriguez-Franco, Diana Participatory Institutions and Environmental Protection: Popular and Prior Consultations in Latin America
2017 Sanchez Cardenas, Ricardo Decolonizing Nation-States in Latin/x America: Twenty First Century Postcolonial Constitutionalism and the Paradoxes of (Trans)nationalism, 1989-2014
2017 Sargent, Brian Broken Promises: Neoliberalism and Embedded Logics of Racial Domination in Community Development Policy Implementation

Wohl, Hannah

Creative Visions: Innovation and Style in the Production of Contemporary Art

Brewster, Kiyona

Stepping Out on Faith: Family, Gender, and Religious Belonging in the African American Church
2016 Headworth, Spencer Policing Welfare: Investigation and Punishment in Public Assistance
2016 Asante, Kofi 'Purchased allies' or 'thorns in the government's side'?: African Merchants and Colonial State Formation in the Nineteenth Century Gold Coast
2016 Robinson, John Poverty, Place and Portfolio: Managing Neighborhood Inequalities in the Finance-Driven Economy
2016 Demetry, Daphne Episodic Organizations: Pop-up and Underground Restaurants and the Temporality of Organizational Life
2016 Finch, Mary Beth Selling Fair Trade: Markets, Morality and Ambiguity
Dissertations Present to 1927 - Archived