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Rebecca Ewert

Assistant Professor of Instruction


Rebecca Ewert's teaching and research interests lie at the intersection of sociology of the environment, health, gender -- especially masculinity -- inequality, and culture. Using qualitative methods, Rebecca studies the ways that social categories like gender, class, race, and age influence how people experience and recover -- financially, socially, and emotionally -- from environmental disasters. She has published in Environmental Sociology about how rumors are created and persist after environmental disasters, and in Social Science and Medicine about the gendered terrain of suicide prevention in a rural community in Northern California where masculine norms of self-sufficiency and independence are dominant.

Rebecca completed her undergraduate education (B.A.) at the University of California, Davis (2014) following time at Shasta Community College. She completed her PhD in Sociology at the University of Chicago in 2021.

Courses Taught

SOCIOL 212/ENVR_POL 212: Environment & Society
SOCIOL 276: Sociology of Disaster
SOCIOL 356: Sociology of Gender
SOCIOL 276: Masculinities
SOCIOL 376: Gender, Health, and Medicine


“’A Country Boy Can Survive’: Rural Culture and Male-Targeted Suicide Prevention Messaging”
Social Science & Medicine, 2021. 

“Like Wildfire: Creating Rumor Narrative Content in the Face of Disaster”
Environmental Sociology, 2022. 

Brisolara, S., Seigart, D., Mathes, K., Nicholds, T., Ewert, R., and Holiday-Shchedrov, D. 2022. “Letters from the Field” in Popularizing Scholarly Research: Research Methods and Practices. Ed. P. Leavy

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