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Christine Percheski

Associate Chair and Associate Professor of Sociology

Area(s) of Interest

Family, Demography, Stratification and Social Inequality, Work and Occupations, Health


Using demographic and other quantitative methods, Christine Percheski studies economic inequality, families, and health policy in the United States. 

Percheski's current research portfolio includes investigations of 1) cohort change in the associations between childhood family characteristics and adult family formation; 2) demographic characteristics of couples with large age gaps between partners; 3) cohort changes in gender and racial wage gaps; 4) impacts of college campus closures on students’ educational outcomes; and 5) variations in PrEP prescriptions by public health infrastructure across U.S. counties. Percheski is also starting a project on how siblings help each other in adulthood.   

Percheski's previous research has considered questions such as how employment patterns have changed across birth cohorts of college-educated women, how health characteristics are associated with relationship stability among married and cohabiting parents, and how the Great Recession impacted intended and unintended pregnancy rates differently for married and cohabiting women. Percheski has also examined inequalities in health insurance coverage for adults and in health care utilization and access among children. In an NSF-funded project, Percheski assessed trends in wealth of households with children relative to the elderly, variations in wealth by family structure, and racial gaps in wealth among children.

Courses Taught

SOCIOL 101-6: American Families after the Sexual Revolution Syllabus

SOCIOL 210: Families and Society Syllabus

SOCIOL 305: Demography Syllabus

SOCIOL 310: Family and Social Learning

SOCIOL 376: Families: A Global Approach Syllabus

SOCIOL 476: Topics in Sociological: Analysis: Sociology of Families Syllabus


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Marriage, Family Structure, and Maternal Employment TrajectoriesSocial Forces 2018.

Public Health Insurance and Health Care Utilization for Children in Immigrant Families. With Sharon Bzostek; Maternal & Child Health Journal 2017.

Fertility Change in the American Indian /Alaska Native Population, 1980-2010. With Sarah Cannon; Demographic Research 2017. 

Deciding to Wait: Partnership Status, Economic Conditions, and Pregnancy During the Great Recession
With Rachel Kimbro; Sociological Science 2017

Health Insurance Coverage within Sibships: Prevalence of Mixed Coverage and Associations with Health Care Utilization With Sharon Bzostek; Social Science & Medicine 2013

Income Inequality: New Trends and Research Directions
With Leslie McCall; Annual Review of Sociology  2010

Opting Out? Cohort Differences in Professional Women’s Employment Rates from 1960 to 2005; American Sociological Review 2008

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