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Nicholas Bascuñan-Wiley

Area(s) of Interest

Globalization, transnationalism, migration, culture, sensation, food

Current Research 

Bread and Belonging: Migrant Everydayness in Middle Eastern Bakeries of the Americas

In an effort to center the embodied nature of human movement, my dissertation project addresses the question: what does migration feel like? I use ethnographic and interview-based inquiry within diasporic Middle Eastern bakeries in the American Midwest and Santiago, Chile to examine the felt (sensorial and affective) experiences of everyday migrant belonging and mobility.


Bascuñan-Wiley, N. E. (2021) Migration and the SensesSociology Compass, 15(3), 1-16.

Miller, M., Bascuñan-Wiley, N. E., and Busse-Cárdenas, E. (2020). Families and Migration in the 21st Century. In Tanja Bastia and Ronald Skeldon (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Migration and Development, 191-200.

Bascuñan-Wiley, N. E. (2019). Sumud and Food: Remembering Palestine through Cuisine in Chile. Mashriq & Mahjar: Journal of Middle East and North African Migration Studies, 6(2), 100-131.

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