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Omri Tubi

Area(s) of Interest

Comparative Historical Sociology; Political Sociology; Development; Global and Transnational Sociology; Health, Science and Medicine; Israel/Palestine


Omri Tubi studies development, colonialism, medicine and health and state-formation. His dissertation, “We Shall Centralize or We Shall Die:” Building Health Institutions in Palestine and Israel, is a comparative-historical account that examines the contribution of American Jewish organizations working in Palestine and Israel between 1920-1960 to the development of Israeli state institutions in the field of public health. Specifically, Omri focuses on issues of elite relations and models of institutional development, and finds that unlike prevalent arguments in literature, state institutions develop in a conflictual, decentralized manner. His work appeared in the journal Theory and Society and won two Best Graduate Student Paper awards from the American Sociological Association’s Comparative Historical Sociology Section and Global and Transnational Sociology Section.  


Kill me a mosquito and I will build a state: political economy and the socio-technicalities of Jewish colonization in Palestine, 1922–1940. Theory and Society 50: 97-124. 

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