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Sonia Planson

Area(s) of Interest

Immigration, Race, Ethnicity; Citizenship and Identity; Culture; Education


I study cultural practices and race in transnational comparison in my dissertation Assimilation Norms and Cultural Maintenance Among Immigrants: a USFrance Comparison. I investigate immigrants’ experiences with cultural transmission (how foreign-born parents pass on cultural markers and practices, how children receive them), and how they are shaped by the structures of race in the United States and France. This project is mixed methods, using both survey data and in-depth interviews with immigrant parents, their teenage children, and their teachers in the Chicago and Paris metropolitan areas.

In my former work, I have studied French citizenship law and older immigrants’ naturalization practices. 


“Ethnicity in Cultural Capital and School Grades: The Case of Minoritized Students in France” (revise & resubmit)

“Considering Genres in Minoritized Students’ Reading and TV Practices in Relation to School Achievement” (in progress)

“Racialized Assimilationism and Cultural Transmission in First- and Second-Generation Immigrants’ Experiences” (in progress)

“Late Naturalizations” (in progress)

Planson, Sonia. 2016. « La naturalisation chez les immigrés âgés : déterminants, conditions et rapport au cadre étatique » Master’s thesis in Sociology, Sciences Po, Paris. Available in open access on HAL open archive: ⟨dumas-01401036⟩

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