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Simone Ispa-Landa

Associate Professor of Sociology and Human Development & Social Policy

Area(s) of Interest

School Discipline, Student Peer Cultures


Dr. Ispa-Landa’s scholarship concerns the sociology of education, race and gender, youth peer cultures, and school discipline. She is currently working on two projects: first, how college men and women in historically white Greek life navigate gendered power dynamics and sexual violence. Second, she is working on a book about the strengths and challenges of various approaches to racial disparities in discipline in a self-consciously liberal suburban school district. Her areas of teaching include race and ethnicity, gender, sociology of education, sociology of youth and childhood, and qualitative research methods.

Selected Publications

Ispa-Landa, Simone and Sara E. Thomas. 2023. "Navigating the Risks of Party Rape in Historically White Greek Life at an Elite College: Women’s Accounts."  Forthcoming in Sociology of Education.

Ispa-Landa, Simone and Mariana Oliver. 2020. “Hybrid Femininities: Sorority Rankings and Reputation.” Gender & Society 34(6): 893-921.

Ispa-Landa, Simone and Sara Thomas. 2019. “Race, Gender, and Emotion Work among School Principals.” Gender & Society 33(3): 387-409.

Ispa-Landa, Simone and Charles Loeffler. 2016. “Indefinite Punishment and the Criminal Record: Stigma Reports among Expungement-Seekers in Illinois.” Criminology 54(3): 387-412.

Ispa-Landa, Simone and Jordan Conwell. 2015. “Once You Go to a White School, You Kind of Adapt”: Black Adolescents and the Racial Classification of Schools.” Sociology of Education 88(1): 1-19.

Ispa-Landa, Simone. 2013. “Gender, Race, and Justifications for Group Exclusion: Urban Black Students Bussed to Affluent Suburban Schools.” Sociology of Education 86(3): 218-233.

Upcoming Courses

Winter 2023 HDSP 432 Field Methods (co listed with LRN_SCI)

Winter 2023 SOC-POL 351 The Social Side of College: Understanding the Lived Experiences of Undergraduates (co-listed with Sociology) 

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